On Reader’s Block

I’m sure that everyone in the world has heard of the term “writer’s block”, currently I’m suffering from an inability to finish a book. While some would say that reading 9 books last month would be enough to satisfy anyone,  I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed in this achievement.

January seems to have passed very quickly and I suppose that with addition of a new school semester it’s no surprise that I did not do as much as I wanted.  While I admit that school is  partially to blame for the lack of updates there are also a couple of other factors involved:

1) Time, as you’ve guessed is an issue for me.  With classes, knitting, work, volunteering, my time spent cooking dinner, and watching telly and hanging out with friends I seem to have less and less time for myself.  Ergo, I don’t have as much time as I need to properly analyze what I’ve read  let alone finish more books within a month.

2) I don’t always read books that I’m interested in.  Sometimes I pick a book up because I feel I should be reading it, rather than an actual desire to read the story. ( “Portrait of a Lady” is a perfect example of this.)

3) I have this innate inability to be monogamous to reading one book at a time.  In other words I start more books than I end up finishing, and almost always feel guilty over my reading habits.  I don’t like giving up on a book and sometimes I will finish a book years after starting it (I’m thinking of you “Affinity”).  My father told me “Why read a book that you are not enjoying”  but due to my compulsive stubbornness, I try to finish everything I start even if the drudgery of doing so doesn’t outweigh the benefits of reading the novel.

This year I’m making a conscious effort to discuss every book that I’ve read in 2011.  So far I have only written a couple, so I am a bit behind on that, and therefore need to try harder in keeping up with my reviews.

On another note I am taking a break from “fiction and literature” and diving into the seedy underworld of the detective story. By that I mean Richard Castle’s “Naked Heat” the second installment in Nikki Heat series (I read the first one a little over two weeks ago). If you have never seen  ABC’s “Castle”, go and watch it because it is currently the best show on American television

Happy reading!


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