A Town Called Eureka

Even though I came late to watching the show, I’ve become invested in the program and fallen in love with its quirky charm. “Eureka” is one of the best American tv shows out right now, and I am very disappointed to find out that it has been cancelled. Some would say that 5 years is a good run for any show, but it seems like the program deserved a better fate than being cancelled over a business decision.
The only positive that I can find, is that I have only just finished the first series and therefore, have a lot of shows that will be brand new to me.  Still I feel gutted that when I do get caught up, there wont be many more new episodes to watch.  In some ways I regret not getting addicted to the series earlier;  I find it is always more fun having to anticipate and speculate what is going to happen next.  The only consolation prize would be that there are new episodes of “Warehouse 13”, and the series “Alphas” to look forward to.  Which coincidentally is set in the same universe as “Eureka” so we can only hope there will be guest appearances from “Eureka” alumni.

I’m going to miss the show, but perhaps in the long term it’s better to end the show on a high, when the premise is still fresh rather than waiting for the show to jump the shark and get cancelled that way.


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